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  • Registration of warranty
    Thank You for your kind support for FUJIFILM's products

    Kindly register your camera's warranty within 14 days of the product's purchase date. Upon successful registration, an E-warranty registration receipt will be sent to your email address. Please keep a copy of this E-warranty receipt.

    Note: If servicing or repair is required, the original purchase receipt has to be presented for validation of the product's purchase date. If this receipt is not presented, the warranty will expire according to the Card Validity Date printed on the original warranty card.

  • Servicing or Repair of Product
    Please produce the following documents if servicing or repair of your product is required:

    1. Customer's copy of the original warranty card
    2. Original purchase receipt
    3. E-warranty receipt (applicable to online registration of warranty only)

    Note: FUJIFILM ASIA PACIFIC PTE LTD reserves the right to reject any warranty claims without presentation of all the above mentioned

  • For the list of worldwide service centres, please visit our website at www.fujifilm.com.sg/wwsc

  • Terms & Conditions of Warranty Coverage
    The first year warranty &/or the 2 years Local Extended Warranty does not cover faults/damages that arise from the following:

    1. Accidents
    2. Inappropriate usage or damage due to external factors
    3. Entry of liquids, vapour, dust, dirt or other foreign objects into product
    4. Corrosions due to external factors
    5. Wear & tear of product
    6. Missing, defaced or alteration on product's description such as model & serial number on product/warranty card/purchase receipt
    7. Usage with third party products & inappropriate usage not in accordance to instructions stated in the FUJIFILM user's manual or by authorised personnel
    8. Any attempted cleaning or repair by self or third party other than authorised personnel
    9. Accessories such as batteries, adaptors, cables, connectors, storage media, CD-ROM, etc.
    10. Expenses, incomes, business, contracts, freight, insurance, loss, discrepencies, damage to equipment by delivery, anticipated savings, inconveniences & any other indirect or consequential loss, damage (including image files). Recommendation for protection of stored data: please back up your data prior to servicing
    11. All freight charges or transportation charges (if any) will be borne by the owner
    12. Problem arises from incorrect firmware upgrade procedure done by user
    13. Fujifilm shall not be liable for any loss of data such as image/video files
    14. Acts of God